Hello, my name is Kara Tous, and I am a Pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with Turning Point Counseling in Brea, CA. I am eagerly starting a career in a private practice setting with Turning Point Counseling that allows me to use faith integration with basic principles of counseling. I am also enjoying this life that God has provided for me through my marriage and constant walk with him. I love what I do and I have the most sincere passion for anyone who is struggling will all of life’s curve balls that are thrown at us.



Why I Do What I Do

I became a Therapist to help people get through those peaks and valleys in their lives that may be difficult for them to climb alone. I feel that God puts certain people in our lives at the exact time they are supposed to be there and I hope that all my clients feel that way about me. One past client comes to me that help to remind me why I do what I do and love doing it.

“Paul” was one of my first clients I had as a trainee and one of the most challenging cases I’ve had to date. He had many struggles in his life, divorce, job loss, past alcohol and drug abuse but was a brilliant Chemist. My first appointment with Paul was 1 week after he attempted to take his life he came in with bandages still on the wounds with an attitude “I am ready to give up.” However, he did not give up he came week after week for almost six months and started slowly living life again. Paul was able to mend the lost relationships with his 3 children, heal his own wounds and demons from his choices in life and barley started to feel again. Nevertheless it wasn’t until 2 years later that I got a phone call from “Paul” saying “I just wanted to let you know our time together was valuable to me I learned so much about myself but wasn’t able to see all the positive things until now.” “It took me a while but everything you told me during our time together has made me realize how precious life is and that I am so lucky to be alive thanks to your help and encouraging attitude you helped me not give up.” “You saw things in me I didn’t know were possible until I was baptized and asked God back into my life, thank you and I hope you are still practicing as a therapist, and God bless you.”

This experience with “Paul” has made all the difference to me and helps me realize this is why I do what I do, if I can help one person change their life then it is worth it. I have had many other cases that have not ended as well as “Paul’s” however the stories like “Paul’s” is what makes me happy and blessed to be able to do what I do.”Being a therapist doesn’t mean you fix everyone else’s problems but laying a path to help others fix their problems is such a blessing and this is why I do what I do, thanks to Paul for reminding me!



What is Tous Life?

Tous Life provides insight into how to live with faith, hope and love in all your journeys and hardships of life. Tous Life is a forum to help people get informed and intrigued about having the life they always wanted or enjoying the life God has given them. Trying to always see the glass half full is a decision and state of mind and I hope this website will encourage others to see life in the same light.

I strive to help people feel as though they are not alone in their struggles in life; we all struggle and we all make mistakes and faith, hope and love can change your life if you let it.