“Inner Peace” How to find it in 5 Steps


Peace is known as quiet, non chaotic or orderly state of being or acting where things collective follow a path with limited interruptions. Peace is stillness and quietness amongst such a chaotic world every day, its these moments where we take a deep breath and just sit for a moment! It is taking time to sit and listen to what your heart is telling you not what the world is telling you. I am talking about inner peace…It may sound foreign to some but it is there if you feed it. Each person has experienced a time in their life where they just wanted everything to be quite and the world stop turning for just a moment to gather their thoughts and feelings. Every day is a constant battle between good and evil the struggle is real we all deal with times where evil wins over good and then we have to make peace somehow with the consequences.
The peace I am talking about is the inner peace the emotional peace that we have to find after a hurricane has really hit our life. The storm has come and dumped all the wickedness and sin in our hearts and we have to battle between the pain we feel and the peace we need to cope and move forward. I know this type of battle all too well life always seems to have these moments that challenge our faith and challenge our abilities to see the good in people. In the midst of such turmoil where your heart literally feels like it will stop beating and you are gasping for air…this is when inner peace can be such a huge relief.
How do we achieve this inner peace ? Here are five ways to find the inner peace, cope with doubt, anger and sin and start to put your life back together.
1. Take 30 minutes to an hour each day to journal or reflect on the emotions at which you are trying to find peace with.
Acknowledge your hurts, anger, frustrations in writing, exercising, sharing, or convicting to yourself or others that support you if need be. Do not hold in that bitterness externalize the heavy emotions you battle with every day and be honest don’t hold back.
2. Confront the emotions with the person/act or a trusted source that you confide in.
Being emotional and angry is not a weakness it is in everyone of us and each deal with hurt and pain in our own way. By confronting these feelings getting them out there as much as you can to the person or circumstance your are validating that you are upset and you do need to heal and cope. Also be honest with the your feelings don’t hold them back or sugar coat, emotions are very real and if you keep them bottled up they will come out in others ways (addiction, self harm, contempt and denial). Confrontation does not have to be face to face it can be , through writing, prayer, support groups, friends support and family support.
3. Seek out help professionally (if needed), spiritually and physically (ask for help when you need it).
Look into support groups, professional counseling, church programs, church assistance, assistance from family and friends. Ask for help when you need it, by sharing your vulnerability people can connect and help support you if they know how you need to be supported. If you do not have a good support system there is still help available through professional counseling or public support groups that would be very beneficial. By connecting with other individuals through your time of hurt it allows a connection to be made and support to be available. It allows others to support you in the ways you need it most through (prayer, venting, talking, meeting or sharing).
4. Acceptance that perfectionism is never reachable or attainable, you are hurt and something happened to make you feel this way.
Almost all of us want to pretend that we are always ok because of the media and how we want others to perceive us as “perfect.” The fact of the matter is everyone has a battle they are fighting and that’s makes us all human and if we can accept we are human then that is a step in the right direction. As humans we mess up, we feel, we love and we act all based on what is accepted in society. If we actually have personal acceptance of who we are and who God has made us to be inside and out then the real humanity would be portrayed correctly. Accepting that we are not perfect we have pain and suffering and that is ok, that is how God made us because of sin. If we accept that as humans every day we all try to do the best we can in everything we do and fall short every single time. Stop beating yourself up and starting accepting that humans are flawed, emotional, and everyone has problems you will feel peace almost immediately. Accept that we are perfect in God’s image and that is all that matters.” ” As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him (NIV Psalms 18:30).
5. Forgiveness
Ephesians 4:32 “Be Kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you.
Forgiveness takes time and effort, forgiveness is a state of acknowledging the wrongdoing but not dismissing it. Forgiveness is not forgetting, we will never forget how this person or thing made us feel but if we forgive we are accepting that something has happened and now we can cope and move forward. By forgiving we are understanding that sin plays a huge part in life and that some people do not have the right tools to deal with sin and give in but that is because humans are made imperfect. Forgiveness is peace, acceptance then action to cope and rebuild.
Inner peace is a state of the heart not mind, it is through prayer, guidance and acceptance that inner peace is possible. It is calming the anxieties and making sense out of our hurts and rebuilding a better stronger self to move forward. Life is not without disappointments, hurts or let downs but inner peace is where we can find serenity in learning to love again and move forward. My hope is that if you have something you are struggling with that is causing turmoil in your heart to give it up to God, pray and do the work to get through this tough time it will not happen immediately but over time you will feel the inner peace.

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