My Practice

My Practice

I have been doing therapy in the private practice setting for about 2 and a half years one year with Turning Point Counseling and previously at Hope Counseling Center. I am currently supervised by Jason Odegaard MFT #MFC47135. This environment allows me to use and explore strategies that will compliment my client’s needs and learning abilities. Each person has different goals and symptoms they are experiencing which allows me to use different psychotherapy techniques to get the most beneficial outcome for my clients. I value my faith and it has shaped my life as a therapist and the type of care I provide for all of my clients. No two clients are alike and I strive to provide a unique and individualized experience for each one of my clients and help them meet their full potential and grow.

I have been working with Couples for about 2 years and also adapt different techniques to the needs and issues addressed with the couple. I use various communication techniques such as Emotionally Focused Therapy. By using EFT strategies it helps to create and open a welcoming environment for each partner to express/address their needs and wants from their spouse or partner. Emotional Focused Therapy is also very effective in improving quality of the relationship through reflection and regulation of emotions that affect the overall quality happiness of the relationship.

I also use a variety of concepts from John Gottman to help couples establish what qualities are important in healthy marriage/relationships. John Gottman believes if couples can learn how to utilize healthy and effective conflict resolution as well as get to know your partners needs on various levels emotionally, physical and spiritually you will grow in your overall satisfaction and pleasure in your relationships. I incorporate most all of Gottmans tools when treating couples and have seen how EFT and Gottmans strategies have helped save numerous marriages if the couples are willing to put in the work.

When working with families it is important to learn about each family member, what their role is, what the family expectations and heritage is. By using family systems theory it allows me to get to know the family on a structural level; what family patterns are present and how the other relationships in the family have developed on a subsystem level; sibling level, extending family and grandparents.

Learning about families on a strategic level helps me to learn the behaviors, how the family operates as a whole, communication and how they problem solve as a family.

Lastly, intergenerational how generations influence the family dynamics, what are the culture expectations of the family and genealogy. All these levels are very helpful in treating families and strengthen the overall satisfaction of the family dynamics.

When treating Individuals I use various techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that allow my clients to help improve their thought process and to help improve their behaviors by learning problem solving skills and goal oriented techniques to reach personal attainable goals. I also use various techniques associated with DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) as well as attachment theory to address family issues from childhood that may affect adult life and relational development of an individual.


Anxiety, depression, relational issues, self image, suicide, self esteem or life struggles are all concepts that most of us have struggled with at one time or another. Nevertheless, sometimes it is nice to hear that comfort of non judgment of a third party and if so then counseling is for you.

Depression and anxiety may inhibit self growth or occupational growth but with some useful tools on how to recognize and manage the symptoms as well as improve you overall outlook on life. If your struggling with trauma, past or present abuse, suicide or relational problems then counseling is for you as well. Learning how to effectively communicate in everyday situations, increase your positive thoughts and coping strategies counseling will be highly beneficial.